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We've launched our new club - a club with a difference.
It's aim will be to develop and inspire Youth and Junior riders in our region, some who've been with us for years now and deserve something bigger and better!
It'll be a club with several levels of membership to suit, each as important as the rest.
We're working on the basis that if the foundations are poor, the house will fall down.

We've secured the interest of some of the biggest and most important names
in the business to help us acheive this.

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How are we going to do all this?

We're aiming for constant progression, rather than results.
If we can do the first part OK, we reckon the second will take care of itself.
We'll coach the mind as well as the body and make riders realise they're better than they ever thought they were and support our riders the way they deserve.
We'll use everything we have and know to take our riders to where they want to be.
If we don't know the answer to a question, we'll find someone who does!




What we're looking for.

Riders who ideally live in or around Newcastle, who are between
the ages of 12-18 and who are actively racing or who
are intending to in Road, Time Trial or Cyclo-Cross.
We need girls as well as boys, who will be aiming to be part of a race team
which will be offered 1-1 coaching, as well as complete support from our sponsors.
Phone: 07958 075783